May 13, 2018

The optical drive plugs into the connector on the motherboard. Should I buy a new FL inverter before I get a new panel? I have a ACER and my computer is blank. If you could imagine dividing the screen into three colums the middle colum is washed out. Unfortunately, the only way to find out which one is causing it is testing the laptop with another known good hard drive. After the repair was done, the laptop came back with a clear screen, but with uneven lighting — there was a bit of backlight bleeding on the lower edge of the screen.

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Do not forget to back up all personal data before you run the recovery process. If Pdi was able acer aspire 5610z pci flash memory light up my test backlight lamp, them most likely the backlight on the LCD screen is bad. I hit the power button and it goes where it show the whit Acer screen with the blue writing.

Also for several months the Power ON, HD Caps Lock etc lights go out when the laptop has been of for about acer aspire 5610z pci flash memory mins, recently the speakers have started to crackle if the Laptop is moved, if the case if flexed the crackeeling stops for a while but the Laptop hangs.

Aer apart LCD assembly is kinda similar for most Toshiba laptops.


Drag and drop each window into the appropriate grid. Yes maybe your right I also think that its the board. In this case the system board with onboard video is bad or the video card is bad.

I guess in your case it would be better to take the laptop for diagnostics to a computer repair shop. I try the ram on other laptop acer aspire 5610z pci flash memory works fine.

How to troubleshoot and fix video problems

Hi, T A asppire thanks for this great blog and all this useful info! Then everything works until it happens again. Pls let me know your thoughts. Now I want to change with Window XP.


I have an Acer Aspire with Vista on it. Acer GridVista is a handy utility that offers four pre-defined display settings so mrmory can view multiple windows on the same screen.

Is it safe or will I likely break the whole computer? Tried to reseat the connector but nothin happende, also tried to connect an external monitor the same thing no display….

Disconnected laptop from external monitor, restarted laptop, laptop screen was perfect. A laptop video card itself is pretty expensive and not a lot of models implement removable video cards, so you have a limited choice and if you need to buy a new video card it would cost you half price of a new motherboard.

Acer Aspire 3630 User Manual

Disconnect cables located under the keyboard. During this process there is no bios screen or anything else that shows up on the monitor — it stays black. When I aspide to an external monitor it looks beautiful! But no luck on detecting either one.

Make sure that you still can see a faint image on the screen when the backlight is off. Do you have any clue why this isnt charging or acer aspire 5610z pci flash memory When turning the laptop on the display light is ok and boot perfect. 56610z Inverter, or the screen itself? In response to postthe right side of the screen is blank during Flaash info at startup, as well as durning the Dell and Windows start screens.

Erica, May be it is just a software settings. On some screens you barely can see any difference between the top and bottom sides, on some screens the difference is very noticeable. There is a good chance that cleaning the heat sink will fix your problem. The switch turns off the backlight when you close the LCD display to save the laptop battery power. Do you have any further comment acer aspire 5610z pci flash memory my question ?

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