May 13, 2018

If it shows up clean, you’re probably fine. I couldn’t imagine that seven could give such an obscur error message when it could say ‘Please insert Setup Disk’. Wednesday, August 19, 1: Tuesday, August 11, 6: This is a good idea regardless of wether 32 or 64 version, unless of course you’re doing a multi-boot environment. I followed these instructions from k4nth. Afterall, I had to come here to get k4nth’s advice!!

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Finally able to get this S working with Adaptec aic-7901x 7. It’s embarrassing to admit I was thinking “oh man these idiots – I wish my identical problem was caused by something so easily solved”.

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Sunday, December 19, 2: I had previously placed my DVD adaptec aic-7901x as first boot drive to boot from the install disk – adaptec aic-7901x unusual: Saturday, May 09, 5: Show details ” at the bottom Insert the install DVD back into the drive Expand the advanced drive options Create a New partition consuming some amount of space, in my case adaptec aic-7901x of it Windows says it had to do some funky stuff, click OK Notice that there is a MB system partition and a new primary partition Best regards: Adaptec aic-7901x all is well.

I agree with others. Anyway, I’ve been imagining it’s because I haven’t got the right drivers for the controller that Adaptec aic-7901x was getting the error every time i got to the screen asking me to pick a drive to install to.

I cancelled installation and started it again. Talk about a cryptic error!

“Windows is unable to install to the selected location. Error: 0x” Can anyone elaborate?

It should say “Please insert Windows 7 Home Disc” instead of giving a cryptic message. Adaptce are the steps: I have to adaptec aic-7901x thanks too. However when I select a new partition to install to, setup gives me the above error with no more details, anyone have an adaptec aic-7901x what’s going on here?

Wednesday, August adaptec aic-7901x, adaltec I had same issue installing Win8 64bit with setting drivers for raid 0 adaptec aic-7901x swaped cd’s hit refresh.

Saturday, November 21, 1: This is a really helpful post Win7 loaded right up with XP on the boot partition.

I had to load the Intel Rapid Storage Driver v. He has entered useful information that solves the problem posed by the adaptec aic-7901x.

Wednesday, October 31, 2: Start off with clean hard drive if possible used WD Data Lifeguard to zero out adaptec aic-7901x existing adaptec aic-7901x drive 3. K4nth solution works great. Sunday, January 08, 5: Now works everything without problem. Glad the fix was in the first post I looked at.

Had to read the entire thread before I thought to myself, “what disc have I got in there anyway Thanks for your post k4nth! Windows installation seems to be very finicky with having its DVD back after you load drivers.

Great it also works under windows server R2 with a lsi megaraid scsi E adaptec aic-7901x. Yet another adaptec aic-7901x, however K4nth! I couldn’t adaptec aic-7901x that seven could give such an obscur error message when it could say ‘Please insert Setup Disk’.

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