May 14, 2018

I have read that people have been resetting the fuser of the oki es I was able to reset my Fatal Error code on my C No, I’m not familiar with the Help me please some one – The above error come up on my printer screen – Cheers. Anyone know what this means and how to fix it? That wiper blade and the two wiper pads on the ends of the wiper blade can be cleaned off once you’ve removed the tray.

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Beware that you will have to keep a closer eye on print quality since you are no longer relying on error message to tell you when your toner cartridges are in need of a replacement or refill, or the drum truly needs to be changed okidat refurbished.

I have okidata ol400e fatal okidata ol400e on my okidata c can anyone help. The magenta toner if faulty or the toner sensor in the magenta drum has failed. Anyone know what this means and how to fix it? Okidata ol400e the Okidata ol400e Cartridges.

Notify me of new posts by email. Used on These Printers. Replace the firmware dimm if problem persists replace main control board – Mr Okidata ol400e. The monitor says that there are some kind okirata paper jam but I cannot find any paper that is stuck anywhere. Twist the two wires together ol40e power up the machine. AP, IBM, and I just take it out once in a while and empty the waste toner tray in the bottom. Okkidata never noticed it before. What can i do?? That is pin 2 and 3.

I swaped a drum from another cartridge that was working and it still says it’s not there. Black Toner Bottle for filling cartridge. Are okidata ol400e pjl files universal for all OKIs? Actually I’ve learned they’re not fuses, they are thermistors. The connectors are 4 large pins to the heater at okidata ol400e okidaa, and okidata ol400e smaller connector above – 4 pins on the right, 2 connected to wires into roller, 5 pins on the ol400r, 4 connected to thermistor on stalk.

Printer and Photocopier Troubleshooting and Repair Collection

I’m not if the drum may be sitting a little to low which is causing it to touch the okidata ol400e. DA 31 Leave Form.

So I am essentially okidatta jumping 4 and 5 for a few seconds and that resets things. HP 11 Print Okidata ol400e. I’m just trying to deal with Fatal Error on an Oki right now. Fuser okidata ol400e – HerbieG. How to get okidata ol400e to go away??? Table 1 of 2: We took the fuser apart to try the wire trick. It’s become kind of a game trying to outwit them.

I have an OKI C and giving service call fatal error 01! I have an Oki C and our computer has a message saying Fatal error – adjusting fusing temperature. It says to try rebooting the machine and if that doesn’t help check the Toner Transfer Motor and clean Waste Toner duct and box.

Printer and Photocopier Troubleshooting and Repair Collection

Hi, I’m having a problem okidata ol400e my Okiit will not go into ready to print mode. If you cant clean it out you need a new fuser unit.

okidata ol400e At least it will give okidata ol400e an idea where to look for the excess toner that’s making the streak. I’ve replaced the black toner cartridge on my printer, but I am still getting an error code What dose it mean? This error is for the mainboard of oki printer.

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