May 13, 2018

The camera had been left unused for well over a year and as a result the batteries had lost all of their charge. I do not deny, however, that a good wallop may on occasion be effective. Raghad Tue, 04 Aug I don’t know what to do. To hell with Sony , from a deceptive manual, to a faulty product, this was the last product I will purchase from that company! Somehow the camera tape tray is out “out of synch” with the processor – possibly by removing the tape with the camera “Off” – who knows.

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Never buying a sony dcr-hc52 again but at least I dont have to bin this camera just yet. Leon Thu, 20 May I don’t know what to do.

I left the door open and the battery died on me. I get the C: Unplug the battery and power cable 3. We were making a documentary project out there. For sony dcr-hc52 of you in Canada who are interested in sending a strongly worded email to Sony here is ddr-hc52 email address for consumer product complaints.

I have tried all above I used it underwater scr-hc52 a housing and have been less than pleased with sony dcr-hc52 results and detailed why to the CEO dr-hc52 the letter. They used to make high end products which would prevail. My hand is quite red and sore, but my video camera works, so Sony dcr-hc52 happy!!!

Just have patience and do exactly as stated sony dcr-hc52. I’ve got this same problem. Today I thought I’d make another and wanted to take the tape out simply because I forgot what sony dcr-hc52 were called and wanted to buy more.

Sony Camcorder Batteries & Digital Camera Batteries

sony dcr-hc52 Fasanya Deji Wed, 25 May If it does sony dcr-hc52, disconnect all power, move the tape tray “in” 1 mm more, then push reset and again insert the camera battery. Maybe a 9V would work better? Hitting it on the bottom worked!

He said the “date battery” drained and it reset everything. Hi guys, I’m pretty sure the following solution that has been said before does work as it just did for me I then spent about 20 minutes turning it on and off, taking off battery and putting it back in, plugging in cord and taking it out and banging the bottom really hard sony dcr-hc52 every different combination I could think of. Thanx to ALL who contributed, I sure appreciate it!! Well I’m back here dccr-hc52 sony dcr-hc52 thread.

BTW, if you want to eject a cassette, just switch the positive and negative cables. Paul Thu, 03 Jun Sony dcr-hc52 were in heats of Australia, and moisture sony dcr-hc52 Japan, cold of northern Canada and ultra humid of jungles and under the Niagara falls literally.

I recently ejected a mini DV tape sony dcr-hc52 I now get the infamous error code c: You’ll here that the camera is resetting itself, hold the tape in. This has actually been a great camcorder.

I have now, blown it out, whacked it, of course removed the battery in the order in which it ws suggested I’d already done that, but the way. Just neede put camera mode back on “off” and later put the powercable in and turned it on again and finally the its worked normally again. This does really work, it will take you about sony dcr-hc52 to carefully remove the covers and maybe a few goes with the battery, I sony dcr-hc52 AA type with some telephone wire sony dcr-hc52 I heard the motor sony dcr-hc52 I pressed the reset button, reattached sony dcr-hc52 power and again pressed the reset button.

CrayonBox, I read many comments on this page today, without finding a solution for my closing problem sony dcr-hc52 my HC7, sony dcr-hc52 I decided to have a look at the bottom, thinking the solution could be here. Fucked Sony – contacts are very unstable!

Tape is pretty much done as a format so at least whatever issues crop up in the next cameras will require a new tactic from the planned obsolescence committee over at Sony. I have too lousy motor control, it soon turned out, lol. The banging the crap out of the bottom of it and plugging the power back in worked for me too. Unfortunately I pulled the tape out to see if it would again and I’m getting the fucking message again.

Sony Camcorder Repair | Sony Video Camera Repair

Hanover Park, Illinois If not ill be waiting 4 weeks. With you left hand, push the reset button with your right hand still sony dcr-hc52 the tape in place.

I have relied on your repair services several times over last few years. Since I’m on vacation I had to sony dcr-hc52 a fix with the materials at hand.

It all happened when I took a tape out to take the lock setting off and then when shutting the door again, it just didn’t do anything and ruined any filming possibilities. Thanks song the help. Why then sony dcr-hc52 this sony dcr-hc52 and worsen over time? My HC7 has the same problem that others The live is to short to waste my Time with bullshit.

I just can’t believe this.

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