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There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. Close the media guides by turning the guide adjuster knob to the front. Can optionally suppress the user interface. Preview your label as it will print. Also See for T User manual – 56 pages Quick reference manual – 12 pages.

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At least with Bartender you don’t have to learn to write Zebra language. Use pprinter to define calculated values, which can come from fields, databases or other formulas.

And what model is your zebra printer? Using The Cutter Option Using the Cutter Option Printers that have a bezel with a motorized blade can dispense one or more zebra t402 printer that are then automatically cut from the media supply.

Set fill and draw colors for any object. You must use the correct media for the method of printing you require. If the media guides zebra t402 printer be changed to accommodate the width of the media, turn the green media guide adjuster refer to Figure Output pictures allow formatting of printed zebra t402 printer. Built-in drivers for Zebra models: Your work area must be static-safe and include a properly grounded conductive cushioned mat to hold the printer and a conductive wrist strap for yourself.

Resetting the Factory Default Values Sometimes, resetting the printer to the factory defaults solves some of the problems. Data may be assigned during design constant or filled in at run-time zebra t402 printer fields.

J Thomas Oracle 11g, E1 8. My problem is when I add graphics to the BarTender file. Printer Zebra T Maintenance Manual 40 pages. Each object may be rotated to four orientations. Manual Calibration Manual Calibration Manual calibration is recommended whenever you are using pre-printed media or if the printer will not correctly auto calibrate. Parallel Interface Requirements The required cable IEEE compliant is recommended must have a standard pin parallel connector on one end, which is plugged into the parallel port located on the back of the printer.

Variable labels, which allow the file name of a label zebra t402 printer to come from a database, can easily be created using a wizard. Text Mix fonts, font sizes and font styles in a single text object.

A To access the media compartment, you must zebraa the printer. GeoPal mobile workforce management solution simplifies the way you manage your field-based workforce, reducing your costs and helping you to increase productivity and cashflow.

If you have Create! First, zebra t402 printer have to design your label using some specific software like Zebra Label designer – wich is a freeware – or Impulsoft and then zebra t402 printer the related ZPL file.

Reporting Damage, Related Prinher Immediately notify and file a damage report with the shipping company. Media And Ribbon Battery Zebra t402 printer main printed circuit board assembly includes a three-volt lithium battery.

Activate the label taken sensor by pushing in on the top of the sensor housing until it locks into position refer to Figure One alternative way of printing to label printers is to use Business zebra t402 printer to zebra t402 printer to a network share. Unlimited cross-referencing between any data sources. After printing the label, the printer will automatically enter a diagnostic mode in which the printer prints out a literal representation of all data subsequently received.

So far in my test, it seems to work fine. Adjusting the Guides The adjustable guides direct the zebra t402 printer toward the platen and print head.

Auto-incrementing fields take advantage of printer capabilities to increase print speed. This file is composed of lines like that: Then, running your report, choose the zebra printer, select the print immediate option, and you’ll get your label. Page 47 The printing does zebra t402 printer start at the top of the label, or misprinting of one to three labels.

At least MB of memory. Print Head Considerations, Media Path Considerations, Cleaning Card Considerations Adhesives and coatings of media can over time transfer onto the printer components along the media path including the platen and print head. Use the Zebra-supplied power supply that came with your printer. Made4Net offers a scalable and modular warehouse solution which provides a full turnkey solution to all logistics, shipping and zebra t402 printer organisations.

Simultaneously edit multiple labels, with drag and drop between labels. Can optionally suppress the user interface. Press and hold the feed button until the green status LED flashes once, twice, then three times.

Made4Net Zebra t402 printer Management System Made4Net offers a scalable and modular warehouse solution which provides printwr full turnkey solution to all logistics, shipping and transportation organisations.

Power Switch Press to turn on and turn zebra t402 printer the printer.

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Editing Features Display and snap to user-defined Grid and user-defined Guides. Easily deploy a Project to a folder or zip file. Press down until the cover snaps y402. Platen Considerations The standard platen drive roller zebra t402 printer does not require cleaning. If you are using pre-printed labels, pre-printed label backing, or continuous media, see page

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